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This 3 storey  house was built on an existing sloped property  in the mature neighbourhood of Ukay Heights, Kuala Lumpur for and Australian expat and his local wife who are both professionals. They are both the adventurous-outdoorsy type and wanted a home that would suit the tropical lifestyle of Ukay Heights

Being up on the hill with its jungle like setting, the design priority was to co-exist with its natural surroundings. In order to preserve the existing slope with minimum cuts the structure was designed to straddle down the slope. The existing rain trees on the site with its huge canopy inspired the idea of a dramatic roof canopy in which all the habitable spaces would be arranged under it’s protection and yet being open and one with its landscape.

This house won the PAM Commendation Award in 2019 and has been featured in numerous magazines and also in the Tropical Malaysian House 2, by Professor Robert Powell. The full article can be found on our Media Publication Page as well as in our Newsletters in our Blog page.

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