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The concept of this development is to break any from current trends of mass-housing based on “cookie-cutter” type shoe-box design. The aim of the development is to re-capture the old ways of living in the outdoors with nature, encouraging neighborliness and a sense of community which is currently lost in most development. The 25 unit development was conceived as a Heritage Styled homes bringing back the old-style of living. The intention is not to create nostalgia but to create the old ways of community living that encourages neighborliness.


The architectural style conceived consist of the British Colonial style as well as the Peranakan (baba-nyonya culture) style. The elements of these styles are infused into the plans of each dwelling type. Almost all the units are different in design and plans to cater to the individual requirement as well to create a development where every unit is distinctly different from its neighbor. There are all together 11 different types of designs to choose out of the 12 pairs of Semi-D and 1 individually designed bungalow.


Most colonial developments during the British era had clubhouses when residents meet-up for social events. This helps create unity and encourages a close social network in the community.


To create a sense of neighborliness fencing was removed and replaced with subtle hedge fencing to contain pets and provide privacy.


Spice gardens are created to encourage the community to jointly manage the plants/spices and enjoy the harvest for ingredients in local delicacies. This also creates a culture of cooperation and friendliness. Also, a coordinated landscape is provided for the development. Jogging path and walkways around the development help create a sense of neighborliness that are shared by only a privileged few.


The site was originally 8 acres. Only 4.5 acres of the site was used and the remaining site of 3.5 acres which consist of secondary tropical jungle was left untouched in order to create a lifestyle of living next to the forest eventhough the development is in the heart of the city.

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