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11   /   06   /   2023

Spanning a 7 acre site that is essentially a sloping valley, the design of this development was to create apartment units that integrate with the existing terrain. The result was an interesting combination of low-sire units that cascades with the slopping hill and two 20—storey high-rise units; 210 units in all with average built-up areas of 3000 sq. ft. The high-rise units are tied back to the low-rise units through a central park that acts as the focal point to unite the whole scheme. The main amenities like the swimming pools were then strategically located to integrate seamlessly with the ponds creating a unique experience of swimming in a tropical forest setting. The ground floor units open up directly to the park and cascading waterfall. The top-floor units were designed as penthouses with private terraces and glass-edged plunge pools that precariously cantilever over the roof-top edge overlooking the park.

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