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Twin Villas

Janda Baik, Malaysia

The client’s brief was to create 2 units of villas in the undulating hills of Jandabaik that captured the views of the forest and hills. He is a retired businessman who loves gardening and the outdoor lifestyle. The first unit was for his wife and himself and the in-laws when they came to visit, whilst the second unit was for their children when they came back from abroad during the holidays.


The cool temperate climate was taken advantage of by creating this green concept home which takes advantage of natural light and the views and opening up the interiors to the natural breeze. Wind chimneys which can be transformed into lift shafts in future if needed were designed to capture the cool mountain breeze to infiltrate the interiors. The rough and jagged terrain inspired the building form and architectural style.

The project  subsequently won the PAM 2018 Gold Award and has been featured in numerous magazines and the full articles can be found in our Media Publication page as well as in our Newsletters in our Blog Page.

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