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Funnel House

Nilai, Malaysia

This house was built on a 1 acre plot of land at Planters Haven. It was designed for an adventurous couple who are both engineers, who wanted to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The site was on a slope opening up to a vast landscape with existing mature durian trees. From the roadside, it appears unassuming with a small frontage due to its funnel-like shape which opens up to the garden behind. We proposed a simple single storey house that ‘floated’ on the landscape with a tunnel-like entrance that opens up to the garden as you enter the house. This was done to create a dramatic unravelling of the house towards the vast landscape beyond. The house was designed with green initiatives infused into the design.


The house won the PAM Silver Award in 2019. It has also been published in numerous magazines as well as in the Tropical Malaysian House 2, by Professor Robert Powell. The full articles can be found on our Media Publication Page as well as in our Newsletters in the Blog Page.

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