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The challenge was to create a 5 bedroom house including a pool within a very small site (5400 sq. Ft) and within 2 storey height restriction by the local authorities. However the biggest challenge was to satisfy the requirements of the client, who is my wife and three children, all of whom have opinions on what makes a home!

The site was originally a 900 sq. Ft single storey   government quarters type house built during the British administration period in of one of the oldest part of PJ, Kampong Tunku. This was the source of inspiration for the new house which would be built in the most humble of materials in order to respect its current surroundings and yet hopefully point in a new direction of architecture, one that is green, sustainable and yet has its own rhetorical style and sensibility.

The House has since been published in The Star Newspaper, The Edge, and magazines like Room and Dwell. The full articles can be found in our Media Publication Page.

It has also won the Green Award in the Edge my Dream Home Competition and received a GBI certification.

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