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Detail of metal cladding and timber louvre.JPG

RA House

Selangor, Malaysia

This 21/2 storey Bungalow was proposed on the sloping hills of Country Heights Damansara with magnificent views of the existing untouched forest reserve across. The client wanted a contemporary home to house a family of 4 as well as their parents who could have their own living quarters and yet were connected with the family. This was achieved by creating the pool side deck and living areas on the ground floor which became the communal space for the whole family. While the parents lived in the lower ground floor the rest of the family bedrooms were housed on the upper level and all floors were accessible with a glass lift.

The house was designed with a double roof to reduce heat gain with a concrete roof below and a metal roof above it. The roof design was inspired by the sloping terrain and we designed a stepped profile roof that was custom-made for the house. A pool and water-features were incorporated to cool the house through evaporative cooling. To enhance the movement of air through the house, large sliding doors were provided to create seamless openings to the outdoors. Built-in mosquito netting were infused with the glass doors and windows to provide security as well keep the mosquitoes out.

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